Finding Freedom

Freedom causes each of us to examine our hearts and the people that surround its vulnerability. Freedom compels us to disconnect from circumstances that are not conducive to our personal and spiritual growth. 

The Thread

There is a thread that keeps our lives from unraveling. The more tight and secure it is, the better our feet find landing.  As the thread loosens, we find ourselves on shaky ground. In fact, we find ourselves in places and situations we never thought we could be in.

What is going on

What is going on? In the midst of this pandemic with Covid-19, we can’t help but raise this question! Sure, we might have some anxiety […]

Succession Planning

Succession planning is so necessary! Will you be the one to pass the baton, or will you be the one that the next generation/leader has […]


Oooh, value… where are thou? I thought I lost you for a moment. I let fear, shame, and insecurity whisper into my ear and lull […]

One day

One moment could change your circumstance. One touch, one word, one divine moment could change the trajectory of our lives. When we think of it […]


Change starts with the first step. Change begins even when fear is present. You never get different or better results doing the same thing.  Change is […]

5 Helpful Project Management Hints

Here are some helpful hints as you plan your next event and/or project. Timelines Timelines matter! It is so important to consider the time it […]