For Jessica Toussaint, no project is too large or too small. Whether she’s starting from scratch or helping overcome a challenging roadblock, Jessica is your company’s bridge to success.

Jessica is committed to seeing her hard work through and she will be there each step of the way—from planning and development all the way to the finish line. She has successfully coordinated small-scale tours and large-scale building renovation projects, and everything in between, with the same finesse and attention to detail throughout. If reorganization, change, and transformation are necessary to bring a project to victory, Jessica does what it takes to lead your organization in the right direction.

Specific projects include building and managing programs and events—these may be considered too “big” for others, but not for Jessica. She finds joy in bringing her skills and a brand-new point of view where they are needed most.

At times, Jessica is also able to secure monetary donations toward the projects she’s managing. If you’re interested in working with Jessica to better your company’s mission, reach out today.

I met Jessica in the early part of 2013 while planning and preparing our annual New York Call; she volunteered for the first time that year. The New York Call is a large music and outreach festival with attendance of between ten to seventeen thousand attendees annually. Immediately, her no-nonsense organizational skills, leadership abilities, and task-oriented impeccable work ethic propelled her to the position of General Manager of the whole operation for the past six years. Her wisdom, passion, and leadership add value everywhere she goes. Jessica is a world-changer.

Marlene Mason
Executive Director, The New York Call