For decades, Jessica has utilized her skills to make others’ lives easier and more positive. She always looks forward to the opportunity to make a real, memorable difference.

I met Jessica in the early part of 2013 while planning and preparing our annual New York Call; she volunteered for the first time that year. The New York Call is a large music and outreach festival with attendance of between ten to seventeen thousand attendees annually. Immediately, her no-nonsense organizational skills, leadership abilities, and task-oriented impeccable work ethic propelled her to the position of General Manager of the whole operation for the past six years. Her wisdom, passion, and leadership add value everywhere she goes. Jessica is a world-changer.

Marlene Mason
Executive Director, The New York Call

Jessica Toussaint is a great coordinator and project manager who has worked diligently on various projects at Perfecting Faith Church. Jessica was a Board member of Perfecting Faith Church and her dedication and expert opinions with regards to community development have helped us tremendously in our organization.

Tanya McClurkin
Board Member, Perfecting Faith Church

Jessica is dedicated to helping young people and adult’s #LevelUp. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her. Her passion, professionalism and dedication to her client’s success are second to none! If you’re ready to go to the next level, I highly recommend her.

Pastor Patty
Founder, Patty M. Lisbon Ministries

I received a lot of hope. I felt really good after the session and am determined to reach my goals. My coach helped me realize that I can reach my goals.

Coaching Client

The coaching sessions with Jessica were pretty awesome. Jessica really gives you the correct action steps that help you move forward and plan the next steps for your goals and career. She exceeds in getting to know you and helping you define your talents and skills.

Coaching Client

My coaching experience with Jessica Toussaint has given me new insight on ways to better achieve my long term goals through everyday practices. The sessions I have received have helped me set better goals and find better ways to attain them by taking more effective and focused actions. Life coaching has been ideal and fulfilling to my personal and professional needs.

Coaching Client